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How Does Interior Decor Effect Our Mind & Psychology?

1. Colors

Colors affect our moods, emotions, and physical well-being. In general, warm colors have positive effects while cool colors have a negative effect on us. A study done at Harvard showed that people who had a red background were happier than those with blue backgrounds.

2. Patterns

Patterns affect how we perceive the world around us. Studies show that patterns increase attention and help us focus.

3. Geometry

Geometry has a powerful effect on the way we think, feel, and behave. Lines and angles are the two basic geometric shapes that influence our perception of the environment.

4. Texture

Texture affects our sense of touch. We use texture to define objects, and it influences our feelings toward these objects. Smooth textures bring out our desires, whereas rough surfaces make us uncomfortable.

5. Shape

Shape makes us feel safe, comfortable, and secure. We tend to associate certain shapes with safety and security. Square, rectangular, and cylindrical shapes are associated with stability and power. Round shapes represent softness and warmth.

6. Light

Light can change our moods and alter our perceptions of time and space. Darkness increases our anxiety levels and causes us to focus intensely. Lights with warmer wavelengths (red) create a calming effect on people. Cooler lights (blue) cause people to become focused and alert.

7. Sound

Sound is a natural phenomenon that exists everywhere around us. When we hear sounds, they activate different parts of our brain. Music stimulates our senses of hearing and sight. Noise creates vibrations that stimulate our sense of touch.