2020 Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year. A time for family and friends coming together and sharing time, food, gifts and most importantly love.

The lead up to Christmas can be such a busy time, with so much to do and think about. So, I thought I would help, by giving you some inspiration for some awesome Christmas gifts. 

I’ve found some beautiful gifts and I just can’t wait to share them with you!

Hopefully this will simplify your Christmas shopping this year and make your gift giving more personal, thoughtful, and a lot less stressful, not to mention time consuming! 

Simply click on the links in this blog and shop away! Happy Holidays to you all.

Check out this beautiful Cloud Mini Bud vase from Simons, by Canadian artist and designer Dasha Valakhanovitch.  
Each of her ceramic creations is handled at least 20 times and no two pieces are the same. 

It pairs beautifully with Pampas Gal’s White Bunny Tails Our real, dried Bunny Tails come in a bundle with 30 stems.

If you’re looking for a vase with a more textured look, check out this gorgeous, stucco look, Tourino White Textured Vase by CB2.

Pampas Gal’s Tuscan Desert Pampas would fill this vase and make an amazing unique gift? The all-natural Tuscan Desert is our newest favorite. These pampas offer the densest fluff (or plume) amongst our collection of pampas. 

The mood achieved from this colour is natural elegance which compliments any space.


If candles are a loved one’s “thing” then check out these awesome candles and accessories from Anthropologie. Add a touch of luxe and elegance to any room.

Anthropologie also sells some great stocking stuffers for candle lovers including this USB Candle Lighter and a Wickman Candle Accessory Gift Set.

Or how about giving someone the gift of aromatherapy? 

Urban Outfitters carries the Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser available in 4 different colours to match any colour scheme! Choose from Terracotta, Black, Charcoal or White. Ceramic build with BPA-free reservoir diffuses essential oils by heating and releasing fragrant scent to enhance energy by channeling the properties of your essential oils of choice.

This year is especially important to shop online, as we try to safeguard ourselves and the millions of front line workers from COVID-19. You can shop online at Pampas Gal to view our wonderful collection of Pampas Grass.

Our White Faux is THE perfect Christmas time accessory. It exudes elegance, looks like light feathery snow and will pair well with all your Christmas decor. Available in 1, 3, or 5 stems, the White Faux is an artificial pampas grass that looks like the real thing. This is ideal for people who want a mess-free experience with pampas grass where no shedding will occur. These will last forever.

I hope that I've given you some inspiration for some pampering luxe new gift ideas. I hope that you have a truly magical Christmas.

Share with us your style and how you innovate your room with pampas grass by tagging us on social media!