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about us

I believe no matter what your mood is, yours spirits can be uplifted by changing your space and environment. As a Canadian-born gal, I know how long and gloomy winter months can be. Our company was founded upon wanting to bring this beautiful, luscious, and cheerful dried grass into Canadian homes who love the heat, sunshine, and summer months as much as we do.  The pampas grass uplifts spirits, and gives any space a care-free, happy, and relaxed atmosphere. With dried pampas grass, you can bring the warm Bohemian energy into the home even through the harshest winters.


Pampas Gal is created by a team of laid-back local Canadian individuals whose goal is to bring a creative community of like-minded individuals together who love interior design and aesthetics without having to break the bank. We all have a sense of what our future dream home would look like and we all have characteristics of a designer and innovator within us. Pampas Gal hopes to inspire and create a community of people who will share their creativity with the world because just like how no two pampas grass is the same, no two rooms are the same. Share with us your style and how you innovate your room with pampas grass by tagging us on social media!


I, Galee Khau, grew up in the city of Edmonton, Alberta where the oil and gas industry dominated but she had a creative fire that was yearning to be fuelled in which the oil and gas could not fulfill. Haha, punny, right? I believe no matter what gender, age, sex, religion, or nationality we are, we ALL yearn to create in some way shape or form. Now what defines creativity? Who defines it? YOU DO. You get to define what being creative means to you and how you want to exert that energy. Whether you are currently working a 9-5 doing mundane administrative work, or someone who calculates numbers everyday--you might feel like there is no room for creative expression, I absolutely get it! I've had countless jobs from varying industries such as retail, restaurants, admin, and trades. You can find your creativity, too. It just takes practice.

Pampas grass is not just dried grass. It's a token of permission I want to give you all to bless your home with your creative energy. No matter the environment you are in, or any negative circumstance you are in, you have the power to create. Elevate your space to elevate your mind. I feel so strongly about this that preaching about it just isn't enough. I want to pass the torch to you. It's simple but will create waves of positive energy to come.

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