How to Use Pampas Grass for the Fall Season

Are Pampas Grass used for Fall Décor? 

Pampas Grass is very versatile and can be used to style any home, all year round! 

As the bright vibrant colors of Summer start to fade and be replaced by burst of reds, oranges, yellows and browns, all the beautiful colors of Fall, you may be inspired to change up your decor inside your home, to bring the outside in. 



Pampas Grass pairs perfectly with pumpkins for a fabulous Fall look or if you have kids, a Spooky Halloween theme! This gorgeous way of hanging pampas over the fireplace really gives your home interior a cozy Fall feel. The colors of our French Champagne or French Champagne Bijou pair perfectly with our coming soon: Tuscan Desert. 

Thanksgiving is only weeks away and we think that pampas grass looks divine on the dining table. It really adds to the theming for the Fall season, Thanksgiving and even Halloween. 

It is a must have for all the October festivities. 

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For a more elegant and sophisticated feel to the dining table, mix up your Pampas Grass colors and sizes. Bundle pieces of Pampas together or check out our cool Grey Grande Pampas and place in elegant glass or china vases surrounded by gold accessories and candles. Total luxury for your tabletop! 

Pampas grass makes the perfect wreaths – whether it be for Fall or Christmas – the Pampas adds that something extra that’s not commonly seen on wreaths. So, make yours unique and extra special by adding some Pampas Grass. 

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These wreaths are super easy to either make from scratch or accessorize with Pampas grass. The Pampas can be cut to size and trimmed to the shape that you desire. Twine can be used to tie the Pampas Grass in place, or to make a wreath entirely of Pampas Grass, simply tie the twine tightly on the wreath, leaving the spool attached. Then attach your grasses, starting with a small bundle tied together, lay them out on your wreath facing one direction. Wrap the twine tightly around it. Add another bundle of grass overlapping the previous one and the twine and wrap tightly with the twine. Continue this process to go all around the wreath and then tie off the twine at the end … VOILA!! The perfect DIY Pampas Grass wreath. 



We just love how this white Pampas wreath has tons of texture. It really adds a touch of elegance to the décor on this front porch. Its fine, feathery, and beautiful.

I’ve had so much finding inspos for you to use pampas grass in this Fall season. I love the look it can achieve in a room or the extra special elegance that it adds to any kind of display. I do hope that you get the same enjoyment out of your pampas grass for many months, if not years to come!